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Luigi Belli

Marco Vallesi

Historical Center : appointment only 
Marco is a modern artists with the mastery of the ancient techniques of ceramics creating objects to complement the design of your home with taste and elegance. Ceramics, wood, stone, metal and glass are the principle materials which he uses to create space in the production of his works of art.



Alexandra Pelko

Medieval Quarter : by appointment only
Alexandra is a portrait painter. She primarily uses oil pastels on paper or canvas. She searches for the essence of the individual transforming it to life in a 2 dimensional medium. 

Brian Mobbs

Medieval Quarter: Open 9am-1pm and 4pm-7pm Mon-Sat. Closed Sunday
Brian is from Britain but has been a Tarquinia local for more than 45 years. His theme is primarily the Maremma and scenes of our beautiful countryside. Oil/acrylic paint on canvas of various dimensions. His studio is open to the public.

Fabrizio Berti

Medieval Quarter: Open 9Oam-12pm daily
Fabrizio was born in Varese in 1961. His artistic sense is expressed with an innate and instinctive naturalness. He has participated at many collective exhibitions in his home town and has been defined a "true impressionists". He uses a variety of techniques including oils, watercolors, mixed media and ceramic sculpture.  

Marcello Silvestri

I like to see Silvestri as one of those story-tellers that in the past used to attract the simple and the innocent people in the squares, before the screens of the media swallowed them up. With tireless and stubborn generosity, he invites us to experience particular moments of the Sacred History: disguising it as fabulous, he offers the deepest truths that condition human Salvation, beyond the mere delight that they give to imagination.

Marcello Camilucci     

Marino Ceccarini

Centro storico : appointment only 

Massimo Luccioli

Outside the town walls: appointment only
Located next to the old city walls.

Otello Amantini

Località Pantano: appointment only

Svein Olav Thunaes

Medieval Quarter : by appointment only
Svein was born in Bergen, Norway in 1941 and studied at the Bergen College of Art. He has also been an instructor at the Oslo College of Graphic Arts and the Program for Continued Education. He is now living in Tarquinia. His studio is an 800 year old house in the center of the old town. He gives painting courses for the creative traveler.



Angelo Degli Effetti

Only by appointment

Carlo Brignola

Countryside Farnesiana : appointment only 

Domenico Narduzzi

Medieval Quarter : Open 9am-12pm or by appointment
Domenico works metal. His workshop is in a very interesting quarter in the center of town and resonates with hundreds of his works that he created in the last 50 years. A true Maremmano and his sculptures represent his poetical view of the scenes typical of the territory. He is there almost every morning tranforming metal into life. A real alchemist.  

Fratelli Todini

Artisans Zone: Open Mon- Sat by appointment only
Roberto and Stefano are two talented brothers that have a workshop outside the the city center. They are talented Artists participating in Art Exhibitions for modern sculpture as well as excellent craftsmen in reproducing ancient designs.

Giovanni Calandrini

Medieval Quarter: Open by appointment only 
Giovanni has been sculpting for over 40 years and has a large body of works and long list of collectors. He works stone and clay. Many of his works are a representation of the spirit of human nature. Figurative in form using negative space and light as an accent. He has a small gallery open to the public and you may enter his studio upon appointment.

Marco Ferri

Historical Center : Open Mon-Sat
Marco was born in Tarquinia and studied from the masters one of which was Sebastian Matta a Chilean artists who lived and worked here until his death. Marco uses a multi-media in his works from paper, ceramics, wood, metal, paint etc. creating visual works that speak in a harmonic poesy. The gallery is just infront of the San Franciscan Monastery.  

Massimo Barcaroli

Artisans Zone : appointment only 
Massimo works primarily stone but also works bronze and copper. His style is unique and is modern with a flare of the ancient masters. Most of his work is on commission basis so you must admire his work from his portfolio or from a private collection. You can visit his workshop with an appointment.

Otello Amantini

In the countryside - Pantano: appointment only
Otello is an extraordinary artists / poet. He has a gallery of thousands of works dating as far back as the 60's. His contemporary style is and was avant-guard for many of his peers. He farms to keep his family secure and if you have the opportunity, is a must see cultural experience. His gallery is at his farm and is well worth the car ride to go and see.  

Patrizio Zanazzo

Medieval Quarter : Open when the gates are open
Patrizio is a talented sculptor and painter. A master of the masters and he puts it into his originals works that encompass the balance and harmony of the nature of existence. His studio is filled with original studies of the sistine chapel and mythological subjects in marble and terra cotta. 



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