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The Medieval Town History

The Medieval Town History

-  Barbarano Romano (VT)

The volcanic hill on which the village stands was probably the location of a prehistoric village of the Ancient Bronze Age by evidence of numerous artifacts found at the base of the city cliffs. History has the first permanent settlement in the middle ages. Barbarano was part of the Roman Lombard Duchy and after the donation of Liutprando in 728 became possession of the Church in the eight century. Near the end of the main street (via Vittorio Emanuele) are the remains of a pentagonal tower and Lombardian Fortress called 'di Desiderio', or by Desiderius, the last king of the Lombard Kingdom, who in 771 fortified the walls of towns near Viterbo to protect them against the attacks from the Franks of Charlemagne. It became the feud of the Anguillara Family in the 14th century then passed to the Orsini Family and finally to the Borgias in the 15th century.


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