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Necropolis Cerveteri

Necropolis Cerveteri

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The Etruscan Necropolis the Banditaccia is set on a high volcanic rock(tufo) hill northwest of the town Cerveteri. The Necropolis is about 400 hectares with thousands of burial sites and tombs. Only 10 hectares are open to the public with about 400 tumuli to be seen. The earliest period being Villanovano (9th century BC) to the most recent Etruscan period (3rd century BC). The origins of the name 'Banditaccia' came from a group of Villanovano tombs in an area called 'Cava della Pozzolana' or 'the Pozzolan Quarry' where in the late 19th century the City proclaimed (un bando) the area for rent to local landowners. Because of its grandeur, the Necropolis of Banditaccia is the largest ancient necropolis in the whole Mediterranean area.


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